CC Advantage – Infrastructure

World-class infrastructure spread over six thousand sq. feet of carpet area is one of our most outperforming asset. It houses both technology and creative teams of highly skilled creative and technology professionals. Our excellent IT infrastructure and support infrastructure are agile and ready to scale at a moment’s notice.

Constantly bustling with our hyper-active team, it is stimulating so that innovative ideas keep flowing.

Newer, Better, Larger

We recently shifted to bigger premises for better infrastructure and facilities. This workplace is an institute in itself. Spread over six thousand sq. feet of carpet area, the place is customized to meet every business requirement effortlessly. The working environment is comfortable and stimulating so that the team remains motivated and innovative ideas keep flowing.

Get your solutions where technology and creative experts meet

  • A high end work and development environment
  • Excellent support infrastructure
  • Large conference room and lots of idea-sharing rooms
  • On-floor projection facility
  • Isolated Server Room
  • Refreshments and recreation
  • Updated licensed software
  • Sophisticated Project Management System

  • Direct access to the key individuals involved in the project
  • Ongoing client support via phone, skype, gtalk etc.
  • 99% up-time with high speed internet connection
  • Secure Networks
  • CCTV cameras
  • Electronic card based Access
  • Biometric fingerprint access
  • Prohibition on pen drives, laptops, HDD etc.

A Culture of Innovation

First of its kind ergonomic chairs online shop

Sitting Culture is a joint venture by HOF and Ecumen – Ecommerce arm of Communication Crafts that has a wide collection of premium, profess- ional and student category chairs. While delivering the merchandizes and helping our customers create a unique workplace we felt the need of emphasizing on the importance of ergonomics and its combination with economics to arrive at a unique synergy.


Customizable Software Solution

A cross-functional enterprise system driven by an integrated suite of software modules that supports the basic internal business processes of a company. Although it is especially designed to manage the standard aspect of any jewelry wholesaler and retailer, it can also be customized to fit individual demands of your business. It is designed to make business processes more efficient.

Consultants. Developers. Marketers.

Ecumen comes from Ecommerce + Acumen: the precise formula for ecommerce business success! It’s a specialized division that provides ecommerce consultancy, technical execution and ongoing support as its key offerings. Backed by multi domain expertise, young team of analysts and technologists, and a record of over a 1000 successful projects, we are a one stop shop for all ecommerce requirements!


Web based hr management software

Presenting a product that is the answer to all prayers of the HR- Peoplactive is a fully integrated single- supplier HRMS solution. It handles HR, Personnel, Attendance, Leave Records, Payroll and other benefits through the web. It has two basic components- HR management and Payroll management. What’s more, it can be customized to any extent to meet any business’ specific requirements!