4 Best testing tools for mobile app developers

4-Best-testing-tools-for-mobile-app-developersRight from reading a newspaper to buying grocery – people use their mobile phones. This increasing mobile phone usage has fueled the number of mobile app downloads. In this scenario, there is an enormous demand of mobile app development among businesses in the market and to cope up with it, mobile app developers also have to stay updated with technology, trends and tools.

For delivering a successful mobile application to the client, it must be passed through a proper testing procedure. However there are numerous testing tools available for mobile app developers, we have compiled a list of 5 best tools here. Have a look:

1. Appium

Appium, an HTTP server managing WebDriver sessions, is especially used for cross-platform test automation. It supports testing in any language and any framework which can create an HTTP request. There is no application code which requires to be modified for testing. Any test can be run on Android or iOS devices and emulators. Mainly, Appium supports hybrid, native and web applications.

2. Bugsee

A cloud-based tool, Bugsee is a tool for monitoring and recording the system’s situation. It offers reports for bugs and crash with the bug related information sent to bug tracker of the developer. This recently launched tool captures user interaction videos and provides developers an insight of tracking the bugs. Apart from this, it is also helpful for beta testing, initial development and deployment of the app.

3. Cross Browser Testing

It gives access to a device lab in the cloud and protects the mobile app developers from dealing with device labs, virtual machines and cross-browser testing. 1500+ mobile devices and desktop browsers can be accessed while comparing the web pages side by side across different browsers. Through this tool also, testing sessions can be recorded and the screen captures can be taken in high definition. This tool also offers Node.js tunnel and Chrome extension for those who need to carry out the tests behind their company firewall.

4. CC Advantage

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