How Android app developers can tap Google Daydream VR platform?

Android App developers

Google Daydream is a platform for low-latency, immersive, and interactive mobile virtual reality. It introduces VR into the Android mobile ecosystem. Google Daydream is a successor to Google ‘Cardboard’, Google’s virtual reality (VR) platform promises to usher mass adoption of mobile virtual reality with launch of Daydream-ready phones.

Google is expected to announce Google Daydream VR viewer along Google Pixel phone, 4K Chromecast at the October 04, 2016 event. The introduction of Vulkan API and the virtual reality mode in Android 7.0 Nougat as also the recent reports that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 supports Daydream platform, all point to the impending launch and massive ecosystem that is in place for Google Daydream.

Our expert Android app developers  at CC Advantage are ever ready to transform your ideas and existing apps into VR apps using Google VR SDK for Unity, Android or iOS platform. We can easily adapt your existing Unity 3D app for VR or build VR experiences for native Android or iOS apps from scratch.

How Google Daydream Works?

Google Daydream is a platform for high quality mobile virtual reality which works with Daydream compatible devices along with a comfortable Google Daydream VR viewer headsets and an intuitive handheld motion controller for rich VR experiences.

Google is also set to launch Google Jump Camera rig for 360 panoramic 3D videos of super high resolution that allow you to experience scene in every direction. The rig consists of 16 camera modules in a circular array that transforms 16 pieces of video into stereoscopic VR video.

Mobile VR Apps for Google Daydream

Google already has on board dedicated VR apps for Google services like YouTube, Play Movies, Google Play Store, Google Photos, Google Street View and others. There are also a host of other companies in the media and gaming arena that have already converted to VR native Android and iOS apps. The collection looks set to grow as Google VR SDK for Android and Google VR for iOS make it possible for you too to create new virtual reality experiences for your mobile apps.

CC Advantage – Your Mobile VR App Specialist

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