Why Apple iOS 9.2 update is essential for your compatible Apple device?

The Apple iOS 9 update for its mobile operating system is in news for sluggish performance on older devices. However, there is no denying the fact that the Apple iOS 9 and the recently released iOS 9.2 is full of enhancements and introduces multitasking in the Apple ecosystem. The back-to-back frequent updates of iOS 9within are

While the latest iteration of iOS 9.2 does indeed deliver better performance on compatible devices, there are some grey areas with older devices that need appropriate solution by the Cupertino giant. According to reports the sluggishness in iOS 9 are mostly seen in older devices and according to customers, their older iPhone running the latest iOS 9 are found to be running slower and crashing following the update.
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The slick new improvements that the Apple brings with the iOS 9.2 update offers breakthrough features along with enhanced performance, battery life and security to make iOS apps more essential and your Apple devices like iPads, iPod touch and iPhones even more productive. So what does the Apple iOS 9.2 update really offer you and how it is the start of a new chapter in next generation of iOS. We list down the top 7 iOS 9.2 features and how it has made Apple OS more enterprise friendly and an opportunity to offer an incredible experience through iOS app development for their customers.

More Enterprise friendly:

The latest iOS 9.2 updates improves stability of Safari to offer more immersive experience. The Safari View controller now supports third party extensions which will further boost the browsing experience. This feature will also encourage developers to create more seamless app functionality and newer iPad apps. The iOS 9.2 feature also introduces Edge Swipe to Safari browser.

Enhanced 3D Touch:

Apple takes the 3D Touch on iPhone 6S a notch higher. Now with iOS 9.2 even iBook now support 3 D Touch to peek and pop pages from the table of content, notes and bookmarks. While earlier 3D touch was not very smooth and fluid in spite of the iOS 9.1 update, the new update very well solves the glitch and expands the feature to include iBook. Further the iBook also support listening to an audiobook while the user browse the library, explore the iBook store or read another books.

Sire Goes Arabic:

Apple iOS 9.2 features include Siri support for Arabic (Saudi Arabia, United Arabic Emirates). Thus, the virtual assistant with a voice controlled natural language interface offers a big boost to

Apple Music:

The iOS 9.2 update offers many new features and improvements in Apple Music. It now offers more seamless integration with iCloud music library and customization functions for playlists. This new update fixes a lot many issues that emerged with the iOS 9 and iOS 9.1 update. The small incremental fixes in Apple Music really enhance the functionality of Apple Music and make it more productive.

Mail Drop in Mail Application:

One major features of iOS 9.2 is the support for mail drop in the mail application. This breakthrough features enables you to send large file attachments over iCloud, therefore now newer Apple devices. Further the update also solves the bug that caused attachments to overlap in mails

New Top Stories section in Apple News:

The News section gets a new ‘Top Stories’ section so you can stay up-to-date with the most important news of the day. However, this feature is presently only available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Apple has reportedly integrated Apple News with ComScore to track the audience and traffic numbers for advertisers.
Call on all Apple Device: Apple users on AT&T can rejoice because now Apple adds support for AT&T’s number sync Wi-Fi calling feature to accept calls on any Apple device.

Thus while the iOS 9.2 update is incremental in nature, in essence it offers essential bug fixes that enhance the Apple experience and make it more productive. While it remains to be seen what happens to the class action lawsuit against Apple over iOS 9’s performance on older iPhones, the new iOS 9.2 updates surely enhances the Apple experience. So what is your most interesting feature of Apple iOS 9.2 update? Do let us know.

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