suit up for Augmented Reality

Give your brand & products
a new dimension with our customisable Augmented Reality App

Communication Crafts

Unlocks new creative possibilities with the introduction of Augmented Reality, an immersive experience of the real world. We have a skilled team of proficient designers, animators and app developers working towards turning two dimensional visuals into incredible experiences.

Dive into the brochure to experience a universe of creative possibilities expand right in front of your eyes. By the time you’re through, we promise you’ll be delightfully surprised.

Space Walk

Interpreting ‘explore the space’ in a brand-new way, this feature enables you to get a 360-degree tour of the organization.

It gives you an impression of what it’s like to physically visit the space while in reality you might be sitting someplace else.

Face Time

Ever had a face on a page talk back to you?
Well, never say never. Hear from our magical creators and see it for yourself.

So now, whether its pitching an idea or sharing information, let your photo do the talking!

Story ‘telling’

We found a cool way to turn mobile phones into learning devices for kids.

This feature gives wings to children’s imagination as they will now be able to sing and dance with their favourite fictional characters. It would be an experience they’ll crave more of.

Mesmerizing Mounuments

Watch architectural structures get grander than before.
Point your camera at a monument and witness it in all its glory. It’s a feast for the eyes!