What is the best IDE for Java SE and Java EE development?

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JAVA is practical, offers backward compatibility, scalability of performance and freshness with the release of next generation JDK 9. As the most popular programming language for developing enterprise applications, JAVA continues to grow strong well within its twentieth year.

Choosing an IDE for Java development demands that you take into view the nature of the project, the skills of the Java developer, capability of the IDE to provide necessary tools that work seamlessly with related technologies.
As one of the leading managed service provider (MSP) our highly-skilled Java development team at CC Advantage has delivered successful projects in JAVA development for many clients in UK, USA, Middle East and Australia. We deliver dedicated teams of Java developers, skilled and experienced in each of the major Java IDE lie Eclipse, Net Beans and IntelliJ Idea for Java and Java EE development.

Best IDE for Java SE and Java EE Development

We explore the top 3 IDEs for Java development and how well they succeed in supporting major JVM languages like Java 8, Scala, Groovy, or their support for major application servers and popular  web frameworks. We explore whether they are compatible with the Java version control that your Java development team uses as also the ease with which Java developers can build, edit, debug and test.


It is more than just a framework; it is a full-fledged technology platform that provides a whole ecosystem. Its ability to offer a personalized approach makes it the preferred choice for Java EE Development. Although it is the most popular Java IDE, it also has the steepest learning curve. The open-source platform also offers a vast library of plugins and a massive global community of developers


Sponsored by Oracle, NetBeans offers great support for Java 8 apart from JavaFX and HTML5 features. It has the most fluid GUI and is very capable.

IntelliJ IDEA

It offers a blazing fast Java development. Together with its powerful static code analysis, deep intelligence and ergonomic design, it does well to maximize developer’s productivity. Not only does it offer great variety of plugins, multiple themes and well-integrated features. No wonder then that Google selected it as the base for Android Studio.

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