Bible Force

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Bible Force

BibleForce is the first comic book bible ever made for only “Heroes”.
The comic is filled with action-packed graphics, dramatic art,
and stunning maps that bring bible heroes to life- helping kids easily understand.

Digital Solutions We Provided

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The Challenge

Bible Force is the most powerful product as per their publisher; however, they wanted to educate their customers through as many digital mediums as possible. They were looking for a company that can address all their digital needs by creating a unique digital transformation strategy to help them increase sales and awareness about the product.

The Solutions

  • We created a complete video content strategy for BibleForce and brought all their characters to life with our animated videos. Along with emphasizing the key stories of the book in the most intriguing way, we were able to easily provide uniqueness to their customers.
  • We also created an intuitive and user-friendly mobile app that allowed their users to easily consume the content in the comic with different audio clips that were added for all important stories.
  • This app was free for all the customers, creating a unique proposition for readers to buy more and more books.


Communication Crafts has proved to be a one-stop solution for all their digital needs, helping them take their business to the next level. And thus enabling them to gain higher revenues with our custom digital solutions.

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