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Creating a consistent image for your brand sprouts from the rooted values of the company. What does your company bring to the table? Is your company innovative, cool, often ahead of the game like ours? Do you offer the best perks? How does your ideal client perceive your company? A good company culture acts as a catalyst to your hiring potential. It sets strong expectations for both your employee and your client. Let us put it in simpler terms: it’s a lot like a dating profile! Times have really changed and people love to work and interact with companies with strong set of values. A company culture video can help you highlight your brand’s personality. It will excite your audience to do business and interact with your company.
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Our motto during this pandemic is: Working during a lockdown is no reason for the work to lock-down. With shifting global scenarios, larger numbers of companies have started to work remotely or have flexible working options. Our company enabled an efficient Work from Home model since the end of last month and yet there is a great consistency in the output of the work. That too, when most of our work requires different teams to coordinate on a single project. Despite all challenges, we make sure that our clients continue to receive high quality deliveries.
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You’ve seen all those stats countless times! It’s no surprise that video marketing is one of the most powerful marketing strategies. It’s vital to stay up to date with the trends of the latest advances in the field of video content marketing. Strong video content is indeed a result of moving sounds, eye capturing animation, power packed script and an easy to follow narrative. The truth is, just the mere thought of writing the flawless script is quite intimidating. Don’t worry though; our experts have whipped up the perfect video script tips to help you out! With these killer video script tips, you’re only a script away from producing your very own viral video!
April 23, 2020 Read more
Being a leading video production company, we know the amount of work that goes into the entire process of scripting, shooting and uploading the video. It’s essential that these steps are carried out with utmost attention to detail, so that you can approach and appeal to your audience the way you intend to. But what if your audience doesn’t get to see how awesome your video is? Well, a good thumbnail changes that!
April 22, 2020 Read more
In 2019, Instagram’s revenue reached an all-time high with 20 billion dollars as advertising revenue. It’s quite evident that Instagram is the top choice as a social media marketing tool. The potential of Instagram’s reach to trendy, relevant and young audience is undebatable. Combining two of the most powerful tools such as video and Instagram leads to extraordinary results! Every company on Instagram competes to post just the perfect content fit for their ideal customer.
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The future of marketing is here with video marketing! We’ve all heard the praises of digital video production and how effective it is. Whether it is a live action video or a whiteboard animation product, the impact stays. Now the question is: what should be the ideal length for the video to ensure that your audience stays while you deliver your message? With lower than ever attention spans, how will you get your message across through a video?
April 20, 2020 Read more
This social media app takes the cake as the most downloaded application on the Apple App Store. With its 849.3 million potential Instagram viewers, it’s the most sought after digital marketing platform for the businesses! The informal feel of Instagram video marketing connects to audiences naturally, unlike average, cliché and pushy advertisements. The question of ‘how to make Instagram videos’ that create a lasting impression will prevail until you find the right video marketing services. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on Instagram all together. Our Instagram video marketing team recommends you leave it to us!
April 17, 2020 Read more
The novel COVID-19 outbreak has shook the core of humanity. During this pandemic, we encourage everyone to stay indoors, calm and well-informed. These basic steps can ensure safety and good health not just for you, but for the ones you love as well. The purpose of this blog is to spread the right information, preventing the spread of fear-mongering or panic initiating messages.
April 16, 2020 Read more
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