Elite Mobile

The Challenge

Understanding their business strucutre and logic of exsisitng website. Integrating and developing the same to New website with all its old data which is scalable, effecient and robust enough to manage all their products.

The Innovation

  • Introducing PCCC(Prepaymania cross control channel)
  • where client can easily manage all there products across Ecommerce website (Prepaymania) and portals (Ebay UK & Amazon UK).


  • Understand there current logic and concept of their exsisting  website.
  • Identifying all the problem areas of the older website.
  • Creating architure of new logic and concept.
  • Creating solutions which are robust and scalable.

The Outcome

  • Created new website which is scalable enough to manage all their products and data.
  • In this new system, Effeciency and Work tournaround time has vastly improved.
  • Better search algorithem, where there product has more visiblity now and also customers have easly time picking up their products.
  • Advanvced reports and dashboard for better analytics.


I would like to bring to your attention the great relationship that has now been built with the CC.

Their ability to understand my requirement from minimal specs from our side, The speed in which they delivers the projects and professionalism that brings to every project is most impressive.

CC has constantly over the last couple of years, not only delivered projects on time, but there planning, attention to detail and ability to see the “Bigger Picture” has meant that all projects delivered have been stable, robust and have had the ability to be built on and grown at a phenomenal rate with no disruption to the current services.