Elite Mobile

The Challenge

Design and develop marketing collaterals and point of sale units for Elite, which they would produce in collaboration with UK’s big brands in Telecom sector. With too many limitations and very little space for Elite Mobile in the design, the challenge was to achieve a high brand recall and make its presence felt.

The Innovation

  • Collected all the creative material which included designs and POS used in earlier campaigns for understanding of brand
  • Created new templates to fix where & how for Elite Mobile brand in the overall design art work
  • Created new templates for the new upcoming campaigns


  • Collected & understood the brand manuals of each of the brand associated with Elite
  • Worked out the best possibility of promoting Elite with other brands and fixed each design
  • Each fixed design was converted to template for the future use
  • This exercise was done on the campaigns executed in the past and transformed it as an ongoing process for new campaigns as well.

The Outcome

  • Our innovative approach helped us save lot of time in communication to end client since we had good understanding of brand and marketing collaterals.
  • The overall operations were smooth as it was clear to the client and the design team on what was needed to be done for each campaign delivered.
  • A lot of time was saved in alteration as almost all designs (templates) were pre-approved
  • The client & the design team focused more on their core skills & expertise instead of reinventing the wheels.


Communication Craft are an integral part of our organisation. They’re at the core of everything we do, allowing us to stretch our creative boundaries and to challenge the norm.
Our relationship has spanned over a number of years where both organisations have grown and developed in perfect harmony.
As with any agency, CC is judged on their creative input and timely execution. How we get there is what makes CC such a unique and special partner. Our easy-going relationship allows us to have frank and stimulating conversations around our tasks and objectives.
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Many business partnerships are forged out of commercial necessity, our relationship with Communication Craft has blossomed over time into a resilient friendship with shared objectives that have been at heart of our success.