Xclusive yachts

The Challenge

Design and develop marketing collaterals and point of sale units for Xclusive Yachts which they would produce in collaboration with Dubai’s premium Yacht service. Sustained by their reputation and effectiveness with existing brand partners, Xclusive was lacking a unique and memorable brand system needed to compete with, and stand out from, emerging competitors.

The Innovation

  • Collected all the designs and POS done in the past
  • Tailor-made creative solutions
  • Created new templates to fix where & how to place Elite Mobile brand in overall designing work.
  • Created new templates for the upcoming designs
  • Many of Xclusive’s competitors use muted colors and complex graphics, but our simple and straightforward design language utilizes a bright palette and bold logo mark, achieving a far more powerful impression


  • Xclusive’s struggled to stand out from a growing list of competitors. Even though their services, philosophy, and technology are unmatched, a conversion-centric transformation was needed to once again emerge as the proven industry leader.
  • Collected brand manuals of each brand Xclusive Yachts is associated with
  • The ability to build diagrams, input video content and text
  • Worked out the best possible solution of promoting Xclusive Yachts with other brands and fixed each design
  • Each fixed design was converted to template for the further use
  • This exercise was done on jobs done in the past and has been made an ongoing process for the new design jobs we do for Xclusive Yachts

The Outcome

  • Quality time saved on discussions and approvals
  • The overall operations was smooth as it was clear to the client and the design team on what need to be done for each design delivered
  • A lot of time was saved in alteration as almost all designs were pre-approved at the initial stage
  • The client & the design team focussed more on their core skills and delivering rather than staying in grey areas