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  • Building a global network to source the best from all over the world;
  • Rigorous vetting process to filter the top 1% from a crowded market;
  • Providing the perfect match of skill sets for a zero-risk hiring process;
  • Offering the highest quality of remote talent at half the price;
  • Ensuring that the remote development stays simple, secure and compliant.

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What CC Offers


Quality Sourcing

Choose from a pool of globally recognized remote talent.

Intelligent Vetting

A meticulous screening/interviewing process to onboard only the best.

Elaborate Profile Creation

Learn the strengths & weaknesses of the remote developers for your next project.

Intelligent Matching

We match the remote candidates according to your needs for seamless onboarding.

Hire Remote Website Developers

Simply hire the best developers in town to create a world-class, robust and dynamic website for your next business venture. Each technological solution we provide is custom-tailored to streamline your business efficiency so that you can easily empower your growth.

Hire Remote Mobile App Developers

Our expert mobile developers have years of experience building highly flexible, engaging, dynamic and intuitive mobile apps for our clients around the globe. Building successful mobile apps that help them not only stand out but stand apart from the competition is what they are always known to achieve.

Easy Hire

We have different hiring models to make it easy for you to hire dedicated talent as you require.

Full Time

Working Hours
8hours/day, 5days/week

Email, Skype, Phone


Hiring Period
Minimum 1 Month

Part Time

Working Hours
8hours/day, 5days/week

Email, Skype, Phone


Hiring Period
Minimum 1 Month


Working Hours
8hours/day, 5days/week

Email, Skype, Phone

Hourly(as per rate)

Hiring Period
Minimum 25 Hours

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Our remote developers achieve results that matter to you.

  • Top 1% Pre-Vetted Remote Developers
  • Zero-Risk Remote Hiring
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • High Quality-To-Cost Ratio
  • 17+ Years of Proven Success
  • ISO 27001:2013 Certification
  • High Clutch Rating (5.0/5.0)
  • 150+ Clients Across the Globe

Success Through Seamless Collaboration

Always Stay in the Loop

Our project managers ensure a completely transparent remote development process.

Dedicated Solely to your Project

Our remote developers work only on your project, enabling easy project management.

Never Feel the Time Difference

Remote developers from CC ensure seamless communication regardless of timezone.

How we craft your ideas to something great?

Depending on your requirements, we create a custom team which is the right fit for your innovative project.

Walkthrough of our simple yet effective process:

Tell us your requirements

We discuss your needs and understand your skill requirements.

We find the perfect fit

We shortlist the pre-vetted remote candidates to match your requirements.

Screening & Interview

Set up interviews and select the remote developers.

Project kick-off

Start your zero-risk remote development journey.

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If you’re looking to expand your software development team, REMOTE HIRING is the way to go! In this ever-growing online clutter, finding the perfect fit for your next project is a challenging task, to say the least.

When considering remote options, decision-makers tend to get sceptical about performance accountability and overall communication. When you hire dedicated developers from CC, you get a completely transparent development process along with dedicated project managers. Your needs always stay in top priority and the project managers ensure optimum performance.

Hire dedicated developers carefully hand-picked by CC. We have an elaborate vetting process that includes rigorous screening and stringent interviews, funnelling the top 1% from a crowded market. This enables you to choose and hire dedicated developers of the highest standards.

Hire dedicated developers to fill the technical gap and scale your digital empire.

Taking your vision to the next level and beyond…

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Hire developers whose only goal is to work for your success.

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How To Hire Remote Developers With Communication Crafts

They say if your WHYs are clear, the HOWs will automatically show their way. So let’s first understand why the concept of remote developers is on the rise and why your company needs it.

Why Hire Remote Developers

You never know when working with remote developers will turn into an absolute blessing for your business. Statistics say that in the upcoming years, employees will start prioritizing the well-being that they are getting from the remote work setup. Plus, they are in their highest productive mode while working from home.

And, every tech company must agree that the cornerstone of their success is highly reliant on a strong and competent team of developers who will go above and beyond to meet your organization’s objectives and goals.

Why Are Employees Looking For Remote Opportunities?

– Work Flexibility
– High Productivity
– Work-Life Balance
– Higher Pay
– Less Commuting
– Cost Savings

Perks Of Having A Remote Development Team

Access To The Large Pool Of Talent
The shortage of tech talent is becoming increasingly intense. According to statistics, there are five jobs for every software developer in the United States. This directly suggests that we reconsider the untapped pool of talent available around the world.
The ability to find qualified applicants from all around the world provides access to top talent while also allowing for relatively affordable employee costs when onboarding new employees.

Benefits of a Wide Talent Pool
1- Reduced hiring time
2- Reduced hiring cost
3- Improved Candidate Experience
4- Access to potential candidates

Productivity Skyrockets
Several studies have demonstrated that remote developers are more productive. Not only that, but organizations that allow remote working – whether it’s only part-time or full-time – save a lot of money on real estate.
The pleasure of working from any place in their comfort zone boosts productivity and leads to improved performance of software developers.

Reasons for Increases in Remote Work Productivity

1- Minimized CommutingTime
2- Better work-life balance
3- Low Distractions, High Focus

Onboarding the ideal candidate
If you’re looking for a very specific tech skill or niche technology, hiring developers from across the globe comes out to be the biggest perk of remote hiring. The more options you have for the tech talent, the more you can be specific with your requirements, allowing you to onboard the ideal remote developers for your company.

Higher retention rate
Giving access to the remote work setup is the new key to retention for tech industries. The choice of having their own workstyle motivates them and boosts their satisfaction with their jobs.
More than a workplace perk, the concept of working from anywhere at any time is a key driver in attracting and retaining remote developers.

Lower infrastructure costs
Remote businesses do not require the overhead costs associated with a centralized office. Rent, utilities, parking fees, security systems, and small maintenance projects are all eliminated when every team member works from home.

Your company will be prepared for the remote work future
The remote workforce is increasing and you should be all set for the remote future. Setting up the systems, procedures, and hiring strategy now will help you stay ahead of the competition in the future.

Let us find you the idea developer

How To Build Your Remote Workforce

1-Encourage Transparency
Transparency is the key to a successful workforce. It ensures better communication between team members and helps to exchange information seamlessly. It helps managers and developers to adapt to changes in the working pattern easily. Plus, Transparency helps in defining the employee role precisely, which helps boost their morale, feel more connected, and helps to build a trustful manager-employee relationship.

2-Develop a team structure
A team Structure helps to set the expectations for how the remote developers should complete tasks and gives stability to their day. By having basic tasks structured, an environment of creativity and innovation within the team can be developed. This will help in completing the task effectively and efficiently.

3-Organize Daily and Weekly meetings
Remote team meetings are essential in keeping everyone aligned no matter where they are located. It helps in employee engagement, team building, making decisions faster, and most importantly, promotes inclusion. Remote Team meetings are a great way to encourage a culture of feedback and innovation.

5- Make Technology your best friend
Get most of the stuff done using technology. From communication to engagement activity to project management tools, there is a tool for everything to strategies and manage remote teams and their tasks more effectively.
Communication tools like Skype, Zoom, Slack
Automation tools like IFTTT or Zapier
Collaboration tools like Asana, Basecamp, Jira, Wrike, and Trello
Storage and file-sharing tools like Box, or DropBox

4- Hire 10x Tech Talent
Bad Hire will cost you in the long run. Hiring underqualified employees will cost you a lot of time and effort in managing their tasks due to the high possibility of errors. Thus with the increase in the expansion of the business, there should be an increase in the quality of hiring, which can contribute to and enhance the business process.

Types of Remote Team Meetings
1-Daily and Weekly
2-Monthly Meeting
3- Meeting for Productive sessions
4- Brainstorming meeting
5- Team bonding meetings.

How To Hire Remote Developers

1- Frame Your Needs Precisely
Your Job description is your chance to meet the potential candidate. Only if you can define your needs clearly, you can hire the ideal developer.
A. Define the particular kind of expertise you need
B- Use a clear job title
C- Evaluate your short-term and long-term goals
D- Evaluate your Budget
The employer can even consider consulting developers to understand specific job fills. Most importantly, before looking for a remote developer, define the core value of your project.

2- Rigorous Screening
After listing out the shortlisted developers, now it’s time to through the screening procedure. Screening involved checking the competency, programming skills, and soft skills, especially communication skills to be checked to avoid any barriers and derive quality outcomes from the developers. Before moving further, there needs to be a safety check to prevent any threats to the organization. Along with this, you need to check the work history by calling the references mentioned.

3- Structure your interview process
This step helps the employer to explore more on the soft skills of the employee more. For this, having a framework that has the same set of questions is important to avoid any biases. This helps in giving a fair evaluation to each candidate and assessing the candidate’s activity for the job role.

New hires, whether remote or working from the office, need to feel engaged, valued, and connected. A great onboarding process leads to great employee retention. A survey by glassdoor indicates that organizations with strong onboarding processes improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by 70%. Here’s how you can make new hires feel comfortable and valued-
1- Maintain a Remote Onboarding Checklist
2-Encourage Team meetings
3- Clear out all the basics and working pattern
4- Familiarize them with the necessary tools
5- Host a virtual employee engagement activity.

4- Take the final call
After making it through the interview process with your ideal developer, it is time to take the final call. All you have to do is send the official job offer with all the terms and conditions stated. Be open to negotiation and do consider the requirements and suggestions of your ideal candidate. Once the remote developer gives approval, you are ready to go.

Challenges Of Hiring Remote Developers

1- A Large Number Of Applicants
Top developers across the world are applying for remote working opportunities. Even for a single role, there are ample applicants attracted to the opportunity. Before shortlisting the ideal candidate, recruiters have to go through hundreds of resumes, which at times feels exhausting.

2- Communication
Communication is where all problems begin and end as well! Lack of live interaction can easily make remote teams and managers feel disconnected from each other.

3- Time Management
With the perk of hiring beyond borders, comes the fear of time zone differences. Time zone differences cause inconvenience in scheduling interviews and team meetings. When scheduling meetings and interviews, hiring managers can use automated tools to match the developer’s time zones.

4-High Salaries
Every company open to remote opportunities wants to onboard top developers in their team. The availability of more options leads to higher compensation standards. However, spending extra bucks on 10x talent is totally worth it. So try to reconsider your pay structure.

5- Onboarding Difficulties
A remote employee’s onboarding can be challenging. Making an employee feel comfortable in their new workplace takes more time, effort, and creativity during a remote onboarding process. The remote onboarding process can be made simple by establishing effective communication strategies and encouraging employee engagement activities.

Bid Adieu To All The Horror Stories Of Remote Hiring

Hire With Communication Crafts
Our Hiring process is super simple and super effective. All you have to do is tell us your requirements and you are good to go.

What happens after we get to know your tech-Needs?
Let’s understand the procedure step by step-

1. Tell us your requirements
We discuss your needs, plus we have a set of questions that can help you get clarity on your specific requirements
2. We find you the ideal one
We wear our search glasses and roll our sleeves to find the ideal developer that matches exactly your requirement
3. Screening And Interview
We do double-check to ensure safety as well as quality by evaluating their soft skills, tech skills, credentials, and previous work experience
4. Project Kickoff
You are all set to start your Zero Risk Development Journey

Remote Hiring made like a walk in the park!
#Remotehiringproblems – Here’s how we shake it off!

– Establishing a Global network to find you the best match
– Strict screening procedure to source the perfect fit
– Ensuring the ideal skill set fit for a risk-free hiring process
– Offering remote talent of the highest caliber for a fraction of the cost

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