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Communication crafts’s technology team specializes in building and servicing customized multi-seller platforms.
Building a portal for multi-seller business model is a tricky business… (A) The platform needs to be feature-rich yet user friendly. (B) It has to be customized to your business model but needs to go-live quickly and (C) Detailed documentation and planning should guide the development but the team should be prepared to switch priorities and add modules as per changing business needs.

Why would you love our multi-seller platform?

Customize: Your portal will reflect your business model, your USPs, your category focus, your marketing and promotional plans.

Extensive: It’s not a marketplace if it doesn’t have zillions of features and loads of modules. All logically built and neatly presented.

Scalable: The portal will be ready to evolve as your business evolves. Agility and flexibility will define success in the initial years of any online business.

Go-live Quickly: Our development team is large and flexible. We often plan fast-track deliveries to sync with client’s launch plans.

Dedicated support: We provide a dedicated team, who supports the portal after go-live. You focus on business and leave technology hassles to us.

Open-ended scope: For a marketplace, development never stops and the scope keeps on changing. What if instead of getting angry, your project head supports change requisites.


How would you like working with an open-ended scope?

The biggest challenge in ecommerce, specially in marketplace model is that the requirement keeps evolving. Priority often shifts faster than the speed of development. And explaining business challenges or market opportunities to your technology team is not always an easy task!

  • In most of our multi-seller platform projects, we work in an open-ended scope model.
  • Freedom to change project scope at any time
  • The project team is supportive and not nervous when priorities shift
  • Phase wise deliveries to get operations off the ground

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Here are some powerful features in our latest marketplaces:

  • Single website store
  • Multiple vendors selling on different categories
  • Easy to use backend for admin and sellers
  • Configurable products support
  • User friendly website according to Indian ecommerce scenario
  • Vertical and horizontal business offering
  • Separate seller storefront
  • Flexible tax system to define the rates

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A multi-seller platform that competes with the best portals of the country

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Communication crafts has worked on industries like home decor, furniture, FMCG, apparel, industrial goods, spare parts etc.

We simplify online marketplace development for your business.

Whether you are looking for ecommerce marketplace development, service marketplace development or recruitment marketplace development, we help you transform your business idea into profitable business and grow to the next level of success.

Using our expertise in B2B marketplace development, we have successfully created marketplace for various clients in diverse categories. We offer broad expertise in developing secure, scalable and rewarding marketplace using cutting-edge technology.

Don’t let the complex and chaotic marketplace be an obstacle in your growth, choose Communication crafts today to get the best of out of marketplace and make it a success. With over a decade of expertise in ecommerce development and Marketplace, we develop end to end marketplace solutions for your business.