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Communication Crafts is a experience-led motion graphics agency and production studio, based in Ahmedabad, India. Being extremely passionate in bringing visions to life through stunning visuals, we collaborate with clients all around the world who are ambitious to take their business to the next level. Our expertise in motion graphics has earned us clients across USA, UK, UAE and Australia.

As a video production agency who puts creativity first, brands across the world swear by the charm of our sleek graphics, smooth transitions and striking typography. Let us help you turn your dull keynote into an exciting spectacle, show off your latest product with glamorous graphics, and breathe life into your mundane education content. Whatever motion graphics services you require, we will help you create spectacular. It’s time to propel your content in a better way.

Our Expertise

Explainer videos, infographic videos, whiteboard animations, vox pops, 2d animation, product demos and title sequences are the requests that we regularly handle.

Our motion graphics agency can handle your custom requirements easily. We work with the latest technology and softwares that includes the entire Adobe Suite, which consist of After Effects, Premier Pro, Audition, Photoshop and Illustrator. This enables us to adhere to your needs easily and get you the spectacular video you deserve. We believe in serving you right. For which, all our work and techniques are original and created by professional animators and motion artists.

We create Reels that people keep coming back to

Glade One, Bsafal
Gala Celestia
Brillare Hair Break

What sets us apart?

  • Experience:
    Hand-crafted 1500+ videos till date
  • Cost:
    Slash your production cost using our competitive bulk-pricing
  • Process:
    Our simple four-step process makes video production a breeze
  • Flexibility:
    You can choose to script/storyboard or have us do it.
  • Delivery Speed:
    Lightning fast delivery

Our bulk-pricing for Explainer Videos start at $600/minute. Tell us a bit more about your video requirement and we’ll share pricing and execution options with you.

Realising your motion graphics dream is just a click away.

Our process is quick & simple

01. The brief & kick-off call

Once we get your email outlining your requirements, we’ll set up an online meeting to get to know your specific needs for the video. At this stage, we focus on sharing ideas and coming up with the general art direction for the piece.

02. The Storyboard + Style Frames

We craft the storyboard (which is similar to a comic book) that will showcase the main actions that will take place in the motion video. Style frames (art design of the character) and some scenes are also created so you can see how the video will play out.

03. The Animation

We bring the characters and graphic assets to life. We then proceed to add background music and sound effects to make it perfect.

04. Iteration & delivery!

We incorporate any feedback you may have and deliver you the final product. It’s time to celebrate Why not? You deserve it after all!

We can also help you with

Social Media Videos

How to use

Whiteboard animation videos

Looking for motion graphics services that attract and impress?

Best Motion Graphics Company

Motion graphics videos can add glamour to any mundane content. Our highly skilled group of motion graphics designers create tailor-made video content to match all your needs and deliver goals effectively. Unique and innovative ideas are always ready to cook in our motion graphics agency.

Communication Crafts is an experience-led motion graphics company that puts your needs in priority. Elevate your online presence and social media content with our high-quality motion graphics services. You can increase your brand’s awareness with our explainer videos, or use our whiteboard video services to create simple and elegant educational videos, or create intriguing and eye-catching product demos to increase sales, the possibilities are truly endless. With innovative minds and cutting-edge technology, we provide the best motion graphics services that boost your conversion rates, generate ROI, and increase customer engagement.


1. What software suite do you use?

Our team works on the whole of the Adobe Software suite, including software such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, Photoshop and Illustrator.

When clients set up a dedicated team with us, we can acquire resources with a specific skillset in Cunema4D, 3D Max, Final Cut Pro, (DI), etc.

2. Do you provide open files of your work for backup?

We don’t.

However, the clients who set up a dedicated production team with us and hire resources for a 12+ month contract can get a complete backup of all open files regularly via a shared FTP server or a backup hard disk.

3. Can you pick up a project mid-way?

It is not an ideal scenario and it reduces the quality and flexibility in delivery, but if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place and looking for a bailout, give us a shout-out.

4. How does your pricing work?

Our pricing starts at as little as $10/hr or $500/minute. There are various engagement models to choose from based on the frequency and complexity of your requirement.

If you have a regular video content requirement that’s repetitive, you can request for bulk pricing. If you want a variety of video jobs to be executed, you can hire a dedicated (motion graphics, design, editing) resource. If you’d like to start with a one-off video requirement, you can share your brief with us and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

5. I require regular video content for my YouTube channel. How can you help?

Creating regular video content for social media or YouTube channel may look like a daunting and expensive task. With Communication Crafts, it needn’t be.

Please choose from our cost-effective packages to power your digital strategy ahead!

6. Can you work with a pre-designed content?

Yes. One of the key benefits of working with Communication Crafts is the flexibility of workflow that we offer. We often get requests from design studios to turn their layered Photoshop files into video content. If your requirement is regular, we have various select packages for social media content creation.

We also take up jobs for turning illustrated children’s books into a video series. You can request a demo here.