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CC Advantage
offers Big Data Analytics services which combines
the power of latest technologies and YOUR DATA to
give you near REAL TIME actionable insights
to empower your decision making.


CC Advantage enables you to analyze real-time data
coming from multiple sources without any time lag,
and monitor your operations as they occur. You can
view different indicators from your live streaming
data and extract valuable insights to make
real-time decisions.

We Build Personalised

Visualize your business data, monitor overall per
formance, and make informed business decisions.
You can drill into critical business KPI’s to identify
and highlight areas for improvement, derived from
multiple data sources.

Trends & Forecasting

With our capability to club AI and ML and give you trends &
forecasting, you can add dynamic reference lines to visuals,
and provide focus for important trends or insights. This
enables users to predict future behaviour and take planned
actions/ decisions in a timely manner.

Gaining Real Time Business Intelligence from Big Data
using Analytics, IoT, AI and Machine Learning.

Multi- Source Connectivity

You easily connect and bring in data from diverse sources to your dashboards. Our rich GUI eliminates all database
complexities and makes it extremely easy for our users to connect and blend their data.

Our capabilities

  • PowerfulETL, Transformation,Filtering (Extraction, cleansing, Loading-Data Deduplication)
  • Handling of Unstructured, Structured Data, Data Modeling
  • Expansive Data Lake
  • Data Sourcing, Data Convergence,Data Insights
  • Search over large data
  • NLP (Natural Language Programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Analytics (Insights, Visualization)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Self Service BI
  • Social Media Compatible
  • Plugs into any backend ERP System
    or Database

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