The Team

The Duo together

“As a team, both of our focus is on building an organization that fosters innovation and talent and delivers wow, project-after-project, year-after-year. We strongly believe we could do this only by building a team where people love what they do and the organization structure supports them to constantly learn & grow.”

The Left Brain, “Kartik Donga”

His vision : To create smart solutions which benefit a wide range of users and industries With an experience of a decade as an Applications Developer, a Database Administrator, and a Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications, Mr. Kartik Donga brings to the table a wealth of technological expertise and all that is latest in the IT world. A post graduate in Computer Applications and Information Technology, he mentors a team of young and energetic IT professionals who provide diversified Web & Software Services. He specializes in Customized Software Solutions and Online Marketing Strategies. If we were to name his two great passions in life, they’d be Technology and Working out. An ardent movie buff, we really couldn’t do without his amazing team cementing attitude and logical insight into all things technical and all things Bollywood!

Attributes to beware of :

Try to take him on in a technology related word duel, and the technospeak he’d launch into will make you feel you were born in the Stone Ages.

The Right Brain, “Chirag Dagli”

His vision : To create an organization that blends the freshness of innovation with the power of technology. In just over a decade, he’s been an Entrepreneur, an Art Director, an Animator and a Business Developer- a fast-paced growth surge that can be called enthralling, diverse, total and intuitive. After studying Creative Communications at MICA, he started Communication Crafts back in 2005; with only a handful of dedicated team members. Today the company boasts of a considerable workforce, impressive global clientele and very-much-in-demand services- all thanks to his dynamic leadership and foresight. An avid hater of cell phones, he holds the record of not seeing sunlight for 3 days as buried in office- working! Depend on him to always come up with a brilliant idea when everyone else has given up and the war seems lost.

Attributes to beware of :

Gross overuse of the word ‘Maybe’. When he says “May be”, he may mean any of the following:

  • Yes, I agree, it’s a fantastic idea.
  • No, absolutely not, are you freaking kidding me?
  • I really don’t know what you’re talking about so I’m playing a song in my head
  • Maybe!

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Chetan Panchal
Head - Technology Operations
A strictly no-nonsense guy; and a pro in technology architecture design. His leadership qualities and business oriented approach has remarkably improved dynamism of our various technology offerings. Our go-to tech whizz.
Gunjan M.
VP, Business Development
You just can’t resist the energy that Gunjan radiates!! He heads the business development at CC Advantage. He ensures that right solutions are set for fruitful client engagement. He is our go-to guy for making sure that clients come and are happy.
Jonathan Moore
Director - UK Operations
has 20+ years of experience as a sales & marketing leader. His ability to understand clients and their business vision is commendable. On a lazy evening, you can find Jonathan next to the beach relaxing with his family and lovely dog mazy.
Faruk Shah
Project Manager - Mobile Technologies
Faruk Bhai, as we call him, he is the manager who directs mobile project execution and is responsible for ensuring successful project deliveries. He knows very well what it takes to deliver absolute delight for our clients.