Think Write

By March 22, 2021June 3rd, 2021Case Study, Edutech

Think Write

Think Write is an EduTech web platform & mobile application designed to help children move better, think better and make learning fun, interactive and much easier. It provides resources to help children significantly improve their handwriting.

Digital solutions we provided

Mobile App for


Mobile App for


web platform

Technology Innovation

Complete design and development of Think Write’s web platform.

Industry Problem Solution

  • A unified framework that has been built with recognized
    cognitive strategies embedded at the heart of its foundations.
    that allows students to hold information together and
    making learning easy.
  • Data grouping together increases children’s ability to recall
    linked ideas, reducing the cognitive demands on
  • The application shows various kind of animations that
    help the kids easily visualize the letters.
  • It provides an interactive way to learn and practically
    write on the Whiteboards/Tablet devices on which the
    application is installed.
  • It also provides different games for the kids, so they
    can have a fun time while learning.


No Of Schools


1st year Handwriting Improved


2nd year Handwriting Improved

The Tech Stacks

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