Top 3 Android Apps of the Week July 2016


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The launch of Prisma – the super successful iOS photo filter app on Android Google Play Store makes our roundup of top 3 Android Apps this week more exciting. Explore the top 3 Android apps of this week that have been the center of attention and garnered maximum eyeballs on Play Store:

Top 3 Android App This Week


Now turn every photo into a piece of art!

A runaway success on the Apple app Store, Prisma – the photo editing app offers some of the most outstanding photo filters. Although barely a month old, the Prisma app has topped the iOS app store and attracted almost a million users worldwide.

Prisma offers popular filters like those of VanGogh, Picasso and Munch to transform your random pics and selfies into modern art. A standout feature of the app is its ability to analyze an image and suggest appropriate styles. Curious to know more about the app, head over to Play Store now.

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Watch your YouTube videos in style with FlyTube.

Created by the same team that introduced the immensely successful Notifly and Flyperlink, the FlyTube allows users to multitask and watch YouTube videos in a floating window while you continue to do whatever you are doing. Watch them anytime, anywhere in any size you want.

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We live in a connected world and why should Google Play Store be left behind?

Introducing Channels – an App that allows you to connect and talk to like-minded Android users by creating a discussion group that everybody can participate. This helps you stay updated on your favorite games and apps. You can also follow conversations that interest you, get support directly from developers and even ask for tips and tricks for the app.
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