Top 7 iOS 10 features you didn’t know!

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The public beta launch of iOS 10 is here after it was unveiled at the WWDC 2016. Apple iOS 10 launch of beta version brings in amazing features that promise to thrill Apple fanboys. Though the beta release is restricted to just developers, that does not stop iOS users to install the new updates onto their devices and take their iPhone and iPads to the next level. The new changes are incremental with both tweaks and redesigns in design and functionality.

Top 7 iOS 10 features for your iPhone and iPads

The new iOS 10 update packs in following 7 exciting features and changes that not just enhance the iOS experience but make the iOS platform a more compelling experience.

Haptic feedback on the lock removed: Among the most visible change, the iOS10 update has done away with the haptic vibration feedback when an iPhone is locked.

Faster Folder Animations: Apple iOS is smooth and the new update makes it swifter when switching in and out of folders. So now the animations do not just drag out instead they instantly pop up open and shut making your time with your iOS device more efficient.

100 New Emoji:

The new iOS 10 update adds a fresh stock of 100 new emoji to make your texts more emojical. The new emoji include redesigned emoji with more depth, shadows as also freshly introduced emoticons. One interesting feature is the emoji suggestions in quick type where you can instantly replace the text with an emoji that it represents.

New Keyboard Sounds:

The new update introduces new sounds in the keyboard. There are new tunes for backspace, shift, and more.

Quick Reply Now Allows for Scrolling:

The new iOS 10 update makes quick reply on your iPhone more efficient. You can now scroll inside the conversation while on the lock-screen

One Strike to close all Tabs:

You can now close all tabs at once in the Safari browser. This comes as a breather for Safari users who are prone to open multiple tabs.

Goodbye to stock apps:

To all those users who do not use all of the stock iOS apps and are bugged by the space it covers, especially in their 16 GB device, here’s good news! You can now bid goodbye to the stock iOS apps.
The iOS 10 is expected to hit the iPhone and iPad devices soon and work wonders for your iOS devices. Looking to get a headstart for your iPhone app idea and make the most of the iOS 10 update. Visit our experts today.

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