Types of Video Production Services

In a world which is changing even as you are reading this, videos that can be uploaded on social media and streaming platforms like Youtube, Vimeo etc. are revolutionizing the way people are consuming content. Every business world-over has recognized their potential and wants to leverage on these video production services.

What’s important is while there are thousands of viral videos, there are very few that cater to specific business needs. Every brand’s requirement for a video is different and hence, before making a video, it is important to define your needs. Here we shall explore different types of videos that can surely help your business reach a wider audience and help the brand grow faster organically.


Types of videos:


Company Profile:

Very few videos work more effectively compared to a company profile video. As the name suggests, it is a simple video which introduces the company and the product to its consumers. This style of video can include anything from messages from the CEO, top officials, product experts etc. When you showcase the company’s vision and mission in the video form, it creates a unique connect with the consumer and gives them an insider perspective about the company and its long-term purpose.

Company Profile


Broadcast Commercial:

Although this type of video is perhaps the most expensive on the list, it can also generate the most return on investment (ROI) if strategically telecasted enough times on popular television channels. You should only attempt a television commercial when you have the budget to do a high quality production and can afford to do a lot of television advertising. Repetition of your Broadcast Commercial on a popular channel multiple times is the key to success.

Broadcast Commercial


Online Commercial:

The medium that’s in high demand nowadays – online commercials differ greatly from TV commercials in terms of budgets and time periods. One doesn’t need to restrict to 30 or 60 second slots, and because most types of videos rely on good storytelling, their reach increases organically on mediums like Youtube. Facebook has also gained a lot of ground when it comes to online video viewership. IGTV is yet another medium that can be explored.

Online Commercial


Case Study/ Testimonial:

If the purpose of your video is to convert a potential customer into buying your product, then case studies or testimonial videos are the way to go. A testimonial affects a person at a psychological level and causes people to aspire or want something when they see others using or benefitting from it. Always emphasize on a customer who has a great story to share and you’ll be surprised at the results your brand achieves.



Humorous Video/ Skit:

You have already known its immense potential in the form of Youtube stars using it to their maximum advantage. The idea is simple for these kind of video production services – get your customer to laugh or feel good and your brand can form an instant connect. It also helps in delivering boring information in a funny and understandable way.

Humorous Video


Whiteboard Animation:

This type of video is great to explain complex concepts and business models in an easily digestible way. In a way, this technique also reminds one of the classroom education format with the whiteboard/ blackboard and hence connects with a wide range of audience.

Whiteboard Animation


VOX POP Videos:

It is a form of the testimonial videos but the difference being it uses quick cuts, well-placed graphics and subtitles to add that much needed impact. It can be used for event attendees, employee excerpts and various other styles of videos.

VOX POP Videos


Event Videos:

As the name suggests, this style is ideal for brands that wish to showcase their launch parties, annual meets, award nights, conferences etc. It is the perfect format for a host of functions which presents the entire event in a smart and easily understandable way. It kind of also works as a quick recap of the event.

Event Videos 

Tutorials/ How to Videos:

This style of video production is a fantastic way to introduce a product/ service to first-time users. The video will break down the operational aspect screen by screen which makes the idea easily understandable and relatable for the audience.  If you have a complex product or service to sell, go with this option.

How to Videos 

Presentation Videos:

Why make a PPT, when you can make a video of the PPT? This style of video is very futuristic and is estimated to become one of the most sought after video style formats by 2020. It lends an edge to the brand over the competition as the presentation is presented in a video format. You also have the option to add a voiceover, if required.

Presentation Videos


Announcement Videos:

Does your brand have something big planned out? Are you looking for a great way to announce it? Look no further! The announcement video style is perfect for it. Be it a new product launch, event or a CSR initiative – an announcement video helps you get the message across in an exciting way.

Announcement Videos


Typography Videos:

Using Text is a great video style that’s gaining popularity quickly and widely. The method is simple, it uses moving text or kinetic typography which uses words to express ideas. It’s a great tool to attract audience’s attention as it involves Text and Design at the same time.

Typography Videos

Behind the Scenes:

Behind the scenes are one of the most famous video styles used when it comes to showcasing the process of making a new product or film. The audience is always curious to know about the efforts that went behind making a film/ product. One gets an exclusive insight into the process of creating a film and can work wonders for B2C and B2B brands at the same time.

Behind the Scenes


It’s important to understand that though there are many types of videos and production services, the brand needs to decide which one works for them best. Every style of video has its unique advantages which when leveraged can create wonderful results. Always remember that the customer connects with brands that keep it honest while talking about the most complex situations.

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