5 Top Reasons Why You Should Use Nodejs with React for Web Development

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Last modified: January 25, 2022

Quick Summary:-

Did you ever think if it was possible to use Nodejs with React? Or is it the right combination of React and Nodejs for your web development project? Or will Nodejs will be able to provide performance-driven tools that make it hassle-free to work with React? In this blog piece, we’ll go over the web developers most asked questions about React and Nodejs web development technologies.

We live in this all-new digital age where businesses are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to engage with their target audience on all digital platforms. And one of those innovations in web development has come from using React and Node js together.

There are some scenarios where React and Node js technologies can work wonders in getting remarkable end results. They will not only save precious development time but together, React and Node can help make your web app code highly efficient and scalable.

But what are the reasons behind it? Why are we seeing an increasing number of developers using React, Node js together?

It’s simple, React and Node js are providing businesses to easily scale their businesses to new heights.

Let us see why React and Node are powerful together:

  1. Helps in maintaining high server load
  2. Helps in maintaining a dynamic website
  3. Easy creation of single-page applications
  4. Helps in building JSON for your APIs
  5. Helps while creating MERN stack applications

1. Helps in maintaining high server load

Using React js and Node js together is great for web apps that require handling of multiple requests & also need to maintain the server load balance.

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2. Helps in maintaining a dynamic website

Real-time database connectivity is an essential aspect of dynamic websites. If your web application is based on Real-time Data-Intensive management, then you should definitely use Nodejs for uninterrupted database connectivity.

3. Easy creation of single-page applications

Single-page applications (SPAs) like Facebook and Gmail can easily be created using React and Node. React will provide an intuitive and interactive UI/UX, whereas Node provides a lightweight backend model asynchronous data loading via callback functions.

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4. Helps in building JSON for your APIs

JSON files stand for JavaScript Object Notation. The main use of JSON is to transmit data back and forth between a website and a server.

Now APIs are used to program an app. By using React node js framework, you can easily create JSON APIs for your web application due to the high code reusability & sharable code function of React.

5. Helps while creating MERN stack applications

React and Node js can be used with MERN stack apps- MongoDB, Express, React and Nodejs stack. Developers can create large scale, highly functional eCommerce stores, baking websites and much more easily.

Many times our clients even ask us: is React front end or backend technology? Same questions and doubts arise for Node as well.

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So we thought it was essential to discuss that in this blog. Here is everything you need to know:

Is React Front-End or Back-End Library?

React is a front-end JavaScript library, developed by Facebook back in 2015. React libraries work seamlessly with Apache, NGINX or backend frameworks such as PHP, Ruby on Rails and more.

Originally React had a React DOM library, which worked great with the web browser’s DOM. However down the years, with new technological upgrades, React became React Native- a cross-platform framework used to build Android & iOS native-like apps.

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Is Nodejs backend or frontend?


According to Nodejs User Survey Report, more than 43% of Nodejs developers prefer this technology for their enterprise development project. Since Node js is an ideal preference to build high-quality solutions based on microservices, WebSockets and event queues, it makes an outstanding choice for the backend since it is asynchronous, event-driven nature and has non-blocking I/O.

The surprising part is that Node js can also be used as a standalone programming language. The developers can write code for front-end & back-end for server-side apps in JS using the runtime environment.

As it is a scalable platform and has a huge developers’ community, Node has become the developers’ favourite for backend development. Even MNCs like NASA, Twitter and Walmart use Nodejs for their backend.

Summing Up

Most developers around the world love to harness the power of both ReactJS and NodeJS to build reusable UI modules. Ideally, in the long run, the combination of Node and ReactJS yields great results. However keep in mind that if you want to use React with Nodejs, you need to know how to use NPM.

We know that React is a front-end technology, whileNodejs technology is for the backend development. Using React and Node js together can easily help you create a high-performing, scalable web application.

And that’s why MNC’s like Netflix, PayPal have leveraged the power of Nodejs for their respective web apps to achieve tremendous results that have helped them take their businesses to new heights.

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