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VFX has stopped being the prerogative of a few Hollywood studios and penetrated our regular video jobs. We get client requests for removing a board from the background, replacing video content on a mobile screen, or creating a cinemagraph out of an ordinary shot all the time. Don’t worry, our expert team can do all of that and more.

Our VFX team can handle motion tracking, green screen removal, and video retouching tasks. After effects enhanced with some carefully picked plugins is our go-to software for the majority of these tasks

Our Expertise

Motion tracking:

We insert computer graphics into live-action footage with accurate scale, position, motion, and orientation relative to the elements in the shot.

Green screen removal:

We can add special effects and attractive backgrounds by removing the green screen to make your videos more captivating and visually appealing.

Video retouching:

Provide us with your material and we will manipulate recorded video footages to create exactly what you wish for.

Wire removal:

We edit and remove wires and rigs with extreme precision to make your videos look as realistic as possible.

Background replacement:

We isolate the foreground portion of a video to remove and replace your video’s background according to your needs.

Bespoke requirements:

We create and edit custom-tailored videos to match your expectations and get the desired results.

Watch out for some shining examples of our expert craftsmanship in this

Glade One, Bsafal
Gala Celestia
Brillare Hair Break

Your VFX dream team is just a click away.

What our clients say?

Aura BrooksGraphic Designer, Owl Eyes

By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it! I would highly recommend them as a company, you simply just won't find any better team!

Eve CrawfordProduct Designer, That Biz

It was really fun getting to know the team during the project. They were all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel completely at ease. The design ended up being twice as good as I could have ever envisioned!

Jack GrahamCo founder, Coffee Inc

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Zak ReidInstructor, Skate Nao

Salient is by far the most astonishing WP theme out there! I literally could not be happier that I chose to buy your theme! Your regular updates and superb attention to detail blows me away every time I visit my new site!

Jake SmithInstructor, Skate Nao

Salient is by far the most astonishing WP theme out there! I literally could not be happier that I chose to buy your theme! Your regular updates and superb attention to detail blows me away every time I visit my new site!

What sets us apart?

  • Experience:
    Hand-crafted 1500+ videos till date
  • Cost:
    Slash your video editing & production cost using our competitive bulk-pricing
  • Process:
    Our simple four-step process makes video production a breeze
  • Flexibility:
    You can choose to script/storyboard or have us do it.
  • Delivery Speed:
    Lightning fast delivery

Our bulk-pricing for Video Editing Services start at $150/video. Tell us a bit more about your video requirement and we’ll share pricing and execution options with you.

From video re-touching to full-fledged animation, we can do it all!

Our process is quick & simple

01. The brief & kick-off call

Your search for an expert video editor ends with us. Once we get your video file & brief, we’ll set up an online meeting to get to know your specific needs for the video. At this stage, we focus on sharing ideas and coming up with the general art direction for the piece.

02. The Storyboard + Style Frames

We craft the storyboard that will showcase how we are going edit your video. Style frames are also created so you can see how the video will play out.

03. The Video Edit

We enhance your existing video with compelling editing and post-production. We also add background music, transitions and sound effects to make it perfect.

04. Iteration & delivery!

We incorporate any feedback you may have and deliver you a complete polished, high-quality video.

Our pricing models

Choose based on what fits your requirement best

Project based

If your video requirement is not frequent or if you want to edit a large number of videos in a short span, go for this model.

Our video expert will understand your video needs and share an execution plan along with the commercials. Upon your green signal, our fantastic video machine will start rolling and churn out brilliant video content at lightning speed.

Resource based

When you need a variety of videos edited regularly, go for a dedicated video team. The benefits are endless. You get a team with your desired skillsets. You can run multiple projects parallelly and juggle priorities as you want. Easily scale this team based on the flow of projects.

Resources available: Motion Graphics Expert, Video Editor and Graphic Designer. Our 15-day free trial makes it easy for you to try before you commit.

We can also help you with

Social Media Videos

How to use

Whiteboard animation videos

Looking for state-of-the-art video editing services?

Best VFX production company

A video without first-rate VFX or animation makes your company look like an amateur.  Our VFX production company solves this problem for you with cutting-edge technology and seasoned experts. With skilful video retouching, our VFX experts can manipulate your raw video footages into eye-catching video content that impresses your audience and improves your brand’s image.

With 16+ years of experience and a wide range of satisfied clientele, Communication Crafts is the best VFX company to match all your video editing needs. Our VFX studio includes a plethora of high-end VFX services. We can add graphics to existing video footages with our highly precise motion tracking, we can add or enhance your video’s background with impeccable green screen removal services, we can use wire-removal to make your video look realistic and convincing, in a nutshell, you can get your video modified or enhanced in innumerable ways with our VFX production company.


1. How does your pricing work?

There are different pricing models for different needs depending on the frequency and complexity of your requirement.

There are no standardized pricing models for our VFX services since the complexity of job requests varies a lot. Please share your requirements with us and we shall get back with a quote at the earliest.

2. I have a frequent need for VFX support. How can you help?

If your need is regular, our suggestion would be to hire dedicated video resources. There are several benefits to this model.

  1. You can hire a resource for as little as $10/hr.
  2. You can get a 15-day free trial that will boost your confidence in our capability
  3. You can swiftly increase/decrease your team with us when you have a large order to fill

Learn more about our relationship pricing (here). (Tick box in the form, I’m interested in your 15-day free trial for a long-term contract).

3. Can you pick up a project mid-way?

It isn’t straightforward to pick up VFX projects midway from another video production studio. However, if you are struggling to meet your deadline, share your requirements (here), and we’ll try our best to help you out.

4. What software suite do you use?

We prefer working on after-effects for most VFX requirements. We use a variety of plugins to enhance speed, precision, and quality of the output.

We may turn to specialized tools for specific project needs. Share your (brief here), and we’ll get back to you with details.

5. Do you provide open files of your work for backup?

We don’t. However, there’s an exception to the rule if you have dedicated video resources with us. Our dedicated resource clients receive the complete backup of all open files via regular FTP uploads.