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As the world is witnessing a paradigm shift towards the digital era, businesses are now realizing the importance of digital transformation to continue achieving business success. As a leading web development company, Communication Crafts is on a mission to help startups, small to large businesses, enterprises and organizations around the world flourish in this digital age and gain the winning edge by offering top 3% web developers carefully hand-picked by us.

If you need to hire a front end developer or a full stack developer to build custom websites or web apps for your business, you’re in the right shop. With more than 17 years of tremendous experience in website development, our team of 160+ digital solutions experts will help turn your ideas into reality. Hire developers of all kinds, absolute end-to-end experience: Website designers, WordPress developers, Laravel developers, JavaScript developers, Angular JS developers, Node JS developers and more…

As growth achievers, we have been helping our clients in the UK, Europe and all around the world provide their users with an unforgettable experience that makes their brand distinctly stand apart from the rest. At Communication Crafts, we don’t offer ordinary website developers, we’ll get you a remote team of dedicated developers who always strive to think outside the box and create impactful, secure, and scalable solutions to help your business flourish. After all, that’s the reason why clients hire web developers from us.

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Back-end developers are the brains behind the working of the web application. Back-end developers write business logic and other components’ logic that is used and experienced by the user through the UI of the application or system, along with creating and maintaining the database, data and APIs.

That’s why it’s essential to work with good backend developers who can implement the perfect solutions. That’s where we make it easy for you. Hire backend developers from our network of remote talent and get secure, performance-driven backend solutions for your application or website. Get results that help your business grow.

Hire Backend Developers

Step on the path to your company’s growth when you hire front-end developers from our network remote talent. With our front-end developers, ensure your digital product always displays well and impresses your potential customers.

Whether it’s a web app or a website, leveraging the power of cutting-edge front-end technologies, our team of front-end developers will make full use of your stunning layout-creating an elegant UI and a high-performance driven website.

Hire Front-End Experts

A full-stack developer is experienced with both front-end and back-end development. If you need to hire a full-stack developer or a whole team of them to work on your web development project, we can help you with that. Our full-stack developers are experts in web and software development.

Website architecture, coding, UI design and development and seamless integration of database & complex functionalities, our full-stack developers create a product that does everything you want it to do, but even better.

Hire Full Stack Developers

Hire web developers to meet your needs best

With our flexible hiring model, you have the ability to hire a dedicated web development team that fits your business needs and gets the job done satisfactorily.

Full Time

Working Hours
8hours/day, 5days/week

Email, Skype, Phone


Hiring Period
Minimum 1 Month

Part Time

Working Hours
8hours/day, 5days/week

Email, Skype, Phone


Hiring Period
Minimum 1 Month


Working Hours
8hours/day, 5days/week

Email, Skype, Phone

Hourly(as per rate)

Hiring Period
Minimum 25 Hours

Why hire web developers from Communication Crafts?

Because we’re the web development team that’ll get you winning solutions.

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  • 17+ Years of Proven Success
  • ISO 27001:2013 Certification
  • High Clutch Rating (5.0/5.0)
  • 150+ Clients Across the Globe

Success Through Seamless Collaboration

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Our project managers ensure a completely transparent remote development process.

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Our remote developers work only on your project, enabling easy project management.

Never Feel the Time Difference

Remote developers from CC ensure seamless communication regardless of timezone.

So why do enterprises hire web developers from us?

We think in terms of value first. Our core philosophy has always been to create websites that achieve business goals easily, and provide tremendous value to the end-users. And that’s what enables us to create revenue-generating products.

Walkthrough of our simple yet effective process:

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We find the perfect fit

We shortlist the pre-vetted remote candidates to match your requirements.

Screening & Interview

Set up interviews and select the remote developers.

Project kick-off

Start your zero-risk remote development journey.

A team of dedicated web developers.
A team that gets the job done.

Always striving to excel

Over these 16 years, our web development experts have worked on creating result-driven, secure,
scalable and highly sustainable web solutions for our amazing clients around the world.




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Hire remote web developers without compromising quality.

If you’re looking to expand your software development team, REMOTE HIRING is the way to go! In this ever-growing online clutter, finding the perfect fit for your next project is a challenging task, to say the least.

When considering remote options, decision-makers tend to get sceptical about performance accountability and overall communication. When you hire web developers from CC, you get a completely transparent development process along with dedicated project managers. Your needs always stay in top priority and the project managers ensure optimum performance.

Hire web developers carefully hand-picked by CC. We have an elaborate vetting process that includes rigorous screening and stringent interviews, funnelling the top 1% from a crowded market. This enables you to choose and hire web developers of the highest standards.

Hire web developer UK to fill the technical gap and scale your digital empire.

Taking your vision to the next level and beyond…

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Get software solutions that drive success to your doorstep.

Benefits Of Hiring A Web Developer

Nowadays, online business marketing is essential for any company. The growing use of online marketing has made it simple for companies to advertise their existence to their intended markets. Employing web developer services has made it simpler for companies to design websites with compelling aesthetics and tempting features.

Pros Of Hiring A Web Developer Save Time

A talented web developer makes sure to create websites with improved performance and speed. A responsive and W3C-compliant website is coded by them kudos to their experience and dedication to the project. Along with affordable hiring costs and effective deliverables, the expert abilities also offer quick turnaround times.

Economical Decision

Employing in-house developers is more expensive than contracting out your labor. Even starting all the projects required more time and effort to manage. For web development or mobile development, working with a respected software development company can help you save a tonne of time and money because you have access to a team of developers and designers as well as a project manager that is solely focused on your needs. Every significant advancement in the project is kept up to date for you.

Hit High Levels

Being a visionary entrepreneur, you want to be prepared for the future. Employing web designers and developers on a full-time basis ensures that your company will be supported by scalable solutions.

You can spread your wings as your needs alter in the future thanks to scalability. Because of how dynamic the IT industry is, you need the help of seasoned developers who are aware of what works and what doesn’t.

Professional Edge

Every business needs a website that quickly grabs attention, making it the most compelling reason to hire dedicated web developers. A high-quality website is healthy, SEO friendly, and spam-free in the eyes of Google.

Continuous support

Once the website is live, your collaboration with the developer will continue.
You’ll have someone to turn to for support if something goes wrong or if you require revisions down the road if you hire a professional web developer.
This ongoing help is a significant benefit, especially if you are not tech-savvy. A helping hand is always welcome, and if you hire a web developer, you’ll have one going forward.

Hire High-Performing Web Developers In 6 Steps

Choosing the right employees is hands down one of the most important factors. Without a doubt, one of the most important factors in a company’s success is choosing the right employees. They are the ones who reliably deliver top-notch work, come up with innovative solutions, streamline operations, and uphold the values and ethos of the organization. Companies are indeed all about people. Web developers are in demand across industries. So, how do you hire developers that fit best with your requirements?

Here are steps that you can take to hire high-performing web developers.

1-Define your requirements

Requirements to hire a web developer can be divided into two parts, hard and soft skills. Soft skills refer to a general attitude and approach to work as well as communication and leadership capabilities, while hard skills are technical competence (skills in programming languages, web frameworks, databases, etc.

Here’s how to describe your hiring requirements:
Hiring requirements are the credentials that an employer believes are required for a candidate to be considered for a position.

Create specific requirements
Define the Job Description Precisely
and Analyze your budget.
Review your present requirements.
Set both short and long-term goals.

It is difficult to provide you with specific advice on which web developers will suit your project the best without first learning the scope and objectives of your project. You must identify what kind of web development project you require a developer for before you even begin your search

2-Make your choice

Web developers come in three different varieties. full-stack, front-end, and back-end developers.
Let’s check out how they are different from each other

Full Stack Developers
Full-stack web developers have experience building both the front end and back end of websites. They are highly in demand in startups with little funding. Although full-stack developers charge a higher hourly rate, working with one of these experts is less expensive than hiring front and back-end developers.

Front-end Developers
The front of your site, or the area that website visitors interact with, is modified by front-end developers. To modify the design and layout of your website, you can hire these professionals. However, keep in mind that a front-end developer and a web designer are two distinct professions. Web designers, who tend to be more creative in their aesthetic choices, place a high priority on user experience. They create the layout, color scheme, and other essential visual elements for the website. Web developers turn website designs into fully functional websites using technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Node.JS, ASP.NET, React.JS, Angular 8, Vue, and others.

Back-end developers
Behind the front end, or how your website functions, is the back-end development team’s responsibility. If you wish to increase the pace of your website, incorporate other services into the infrastructure, or fix technical problems, you might need the help of a professional. Back-end developers frequently work with PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and databases like MongoDB, SQL – MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and others.
Now that you are clear on the skills and requirements, it’s time to start interviewing and hiring.

3-Find Experts

When hunting for web developers, keep in mind that you are hiring a technological partner that will work with your company for several years, giving continuing technical support for your project and implementing new website updates. Therefore, you must be very careful when choosing web developers. You can decide if you are looking for a freelance or a dedicated team.

Onboard Dedicated Web Developers in 48 hours

4-Double Check Before Signing

It is essential to carefully review a web developer’s or web development team’s portfolio and look for both hard and soft skills before hiring them. Before hiring a dedicated web developer, hard skills like HTML, javascript, SEO, backend tech, and more should be considered. Soft skills, such as cooperation, adaptability, and project management, should be prioritized equally.

5-Pick a working model

There are three different sorts of working models, based on the scope and complexity of your web development project.

A-Dedicated Team Model
In this model, you engage a web development team rather than hiring internal experts for your project. This model performs remarkably well if you need advanced website features, such as cloud storage integration or AI Chabot development. You can manage the project roadmap on your own or delegate that responsibility to your committed web development team. The project management process side of project management is responsible for the team’s achievement.

B-Project-Based Model
Businesses that are well-established or brand-new and working on a small web development project typically use this model. There is a predetermined schedule and budget in this strategy. Start hiring developers as needed for specific projects. They continue to work for you until the web app development project’s scope is finished.

The development team is also responsible for all project management and technology solution selection.

C-Extended Team Model
To enhance the competencies of your team, you can onboard a web development specialist outside the company. In this way, when you hire remote web developers, they will work on the project alongside your team. When you currently have a few experts on hand and require 2–5 professionals, this is the ideal course of action.

6-Choose a payment model

Whether you choose to hire a web development team or a solitary web developer, you will be obligated to pay them a salary every month. Both dedicated teams and standard organizational working models require the same thing. However, there are two options for a project-based working model:

Time and Material
When the scope of the job and the time frame are difficult to anticipate, small, medium or large projects may use the Time and Material, also known as the Pay as You Go, method. According to the actual time spent on development, this compensation model pays each developer an hourly wage.

Fixed Price Paying Model
For small online projects with a defined scope of work and schedule, this is the perfect option.

Dedicated Team That Matches Best With Your Requirements

Soft skills to look for before hiring a developer in future

According to experts, Soft skills in software engineering will become increasingly important as we move closer to a future of work that is powered by artificial intelligence.
Here is the list of the top 5 soft skills you must look for before you hire web developers in the future.

1-Problem Solving skills

Before you even start writing your first lines of code, developing software is primarily about problem-solving. You must recognize issues that can be resolved by software. After that, you must continue to comprehend how folks attempt to resolve similar issues in actual life.
Critical thinkers are aware of the issue they are dealing with and are aware that there are numerous potential solutions. They will evaluate those options and then choose the one that will function the best. So, for web developers, problem-solving and critical thinking are crucial soft skills.

2-Communication skills

A developer should be able to communicate effectively with project managers, team members, and other people involved in their work, whether they work full-time or remotely. You must make sure the developer you hire can communicate with people from all cultures, particularly if they work remotely. Communication abilities, both verbal and written, are equally crucial.

3-Staying updated

A developer’s ability to keep them updated with the current trends on their own can be very useful at work.
They can develop the capacity to recognize issues and swiftly hunt for workable solutions on their own if they engage in lifelong self-learning.

4-Time Management

Developers are constantly engaged in a project with a deadline. Sometimes they also have to lead a team. As a result, effective time management is among the necessary skills for software developers. The highest level of skill is time management desired by clients because they expect developers to be on time and adhere to deadlines.


One soft skill you should be searching for in a web developer is the ability to accept and take responsibility for one’s mistakes.
Mistakes will inevitably be made, but developers should embrace this as a chance to learn from them and avoid making the same ones again.
Remember that responsibility is a two-way street. If making mistakes is punishable at your workplace and admitting mistakes is not well received by management, then your organization is also to blame for the lack of accountability.


1-What is a Web Developer and what does a Web Developer do?

Web developers develop and maintain websites. They are also in charge of the website’s technical elements, such as its performance and capacity, which are indicators of a website’s speed and the volume of traffic it can handle.

2-What should a business look for in a Website Developer?

Before onboarding a website developer. Business requirements, challenges, current expertise, hard skills, soft skills like communication, project management, etc.—everything should be considered.

3-How much does it cost to hire a web developer?

The first decision you must make is whether to pay a fixed price or hourly charges. Depending on your specific scenario, both notions have some clear disadvantages and benefits. The decision will primarily be influenced by how complex your project is. The hourly rate may range from $35 to $160 per hour and fixed rate charges from $700 to $100000.

4- Is hiring a Web Developer worth it?

You may get the best web tools, including hosting and domain administration, by hiring a web developer. To ensure that your site loads quickly for users, a web developer will also perform a site speed test once you launch it.
So yes, go for it amigo!

5-Are web developers in demand?

One of the most searched professional options in the computer sector is web development. The potential for growth in this industry is limitless because so many cutting-edge platforms and applications are being developed. Web developers of high caliber are in high demand due to the development of Blockchain and SaaS.

6-Where can I find web developers?

Let us make the tough part of hiring dedicated developers easy for you. With 17+ years of experience and a pool of 4000+ pre-vetted developers, we make sure that the process of hiring remote developers stays simple, secure, and compliant.