15 Best Educational App Ideas for Students, Start-ups and Universities

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Traditional learning methods are getting outdated, making space for new-age modern eLearning models. Educational Apps are revolutionizing the way we train and learn, providing significant benefits for teachers and students alike.

Simple mobile app ideas for students can make a huge difference in engagement and knowledge retention.

Educational App downloads (in MILLIONS) in iOS and Android from 1st quarter of 2017 to 1st quarter of 2020:


As of 2020, there were 936 million educational app downloads in Apple App Store and Google Play Store combined.

The Global EdTech market is expected to reach an astonishing figure of $318 billion by 2027, and the global educational apps marketing is projected to increase by $46 billion between 2020-2024.

The sheer haste of the fast-growing eLearning Apps trend has convinced us to shortlist the best educational apps for kids and adults.

So here are some of the simple mobile app ideas for students that can favourably transform old and outdated traditional learning methods.

Table of Content:

  • Benefits of Educational Apps
  • 15 Best Mobile App Ideas for Education
    1. Private Tutor App
    2. Student Performance Tracking App
    3. Educational App for Differently Abled Students
    4. Augmented Reality Based Educational App
    5. Comic/Animation Based Educational App
    6. eBook or Audiobook App
    7. Competitive Exam Preparation App
    8. Educational App for Career Guidance
    9. Educational App for Sports and PE
    10. Educational Games and Quizzes App
    11. Language eLearning App
    12. Vocabulary and Writing App
    13. Preschool eLearning App
    14. Student/Teacher Community App
    15. Storytelling eLearning App
  • Conclusion

Benefits of Educational Apps:

The benefits of educational apps are as follows:

  • Modern engaging learning techniques like gamification features and AR/VR;
  • Unlimited access to online resources;
  • 24/7 access to course materials;
  • Remote learning;
  • Increased knowledge retention;
  • Strengthens parent-teacher-student relationship and communication;
  • A coherent and systematic approach to learning;
  • Sustainability;
  • Saves time;
  • Cost-effective.

15 Best Mobile App Ideas for Education:

I.Private Tutor App

This type of educational app benefits students, parents, and teachers. Students or parents can choose from a range of tutors (preferably with ratings) for specific subjects or topics according to the students’ needs.

A private tutor app can provide a personalised learning experience for the students, where they decide if they want to learn through digital means or if they need face-to-face guidance. This is one of the most flexible and best app ideas for education as they can hire any tutor for any subject without having to opt for a complete course.

II.Student Performance Tracking App

This kind of educational app can be very useful for teachers and parents. Parents can stay updated about their kids with a data-driven performance tracking app.

Through test results, attendance, general behaviour and interactions during lessons, teachers can record the overall performance of the students to identify the gaps in knowledge and help them accordingly.

Furthermore, with the performance tracking app, parents can stay in touch with the teachers and play an active role in their kids’ learning process.

III.Educational App for Differently-Abled Students

Educational App for Differently-Abled Students

Differently-abled students experience many difficulties and issues while attending school or colleges. An educational app for differently-abled students can help them go through the learning process with ease and comfort.

The students can get access to all of the course materials online and get real-time updates and lessons from teachers remotely.

This unique eLearning app idea can make education accessible to differently-abled students all over the world.

Kids learning apps that enable teachers to plan and conduct special classes for children with Autism by helping them learn new skills comfortably. eLearning apps are a blessing for parents, as they can be used to spread awareness about how to handle, treat and teach children with Autism.

IV.Augmented Reality based Educational App

Unique AR app ideas have immense potential to captivate the learners’ attention and provide maximum knowledge retention. Augmented Reality is the hottest trend of the EdTech industry right now with the total value of AR projected to surpass $5 billion by 2023.

AR app ideas are an effective way to introduce new concepts to students, providing realistic experiences in 3D vision to conduct experiments or understand complex concepts easily.

Things that are out of the students’ reach or vision can be experienced through Augmented Reality, like astronomy, quantum physics, chemical formulas, etc.

V.Comic/Animation based Educational App

Some topics or concepts may seem mundane to young students, and the same concepts can be transformed into fascinating comic or animation based kids learning apps.

Young students thoroughly enjoy and relate to cartoons, comics, and animation based content, and this kind of app can integrate the same in their learning process.

Bibleforce is a company that provides graphic novels or comics to get kids interested in the stories and lessons of the Bible. With our custom digital solutions at Communication Crafts, we provided creative animated videos to bring their comic characters to life in a captivating way.

Click here to learn more.

VI.eBook or Audiobook App

VI.eBook or Audiobook App

This is one of the most convenient and best educational apps for kids and adults, eliminating the need to purchase or carry hefty books.

The users can get access to a large online library of eBooks or Audiobooks at any time. This is a great option for reading or listening to books comfortably while travelling or driving.

For example, Amazon’s Kindle for eBooks and Audible for audiobooks.

VII.Competitive Exam Preparation App

An app that helps students overcome and eliminate last-minute exam jitters. This type of eLearning apps can provide a systematic process to prepare students for upcoming exams. A platform to create to-do lists, and study, learn and revise in an organized way to build the confidence needed for acing exams.

The eLearning app for exams can also pinpoint the vital topics and chapters that the students must revise multiple times.

A similar app can be built for competitive exams where the students can access the entire syllabus and reference books. It can also enable the students to take tests for self-assessment or search for tutors to hire for the same course or exam.

VIII.Educational App for Career Guidance

Young students are generally confused about their career prospects. Without guidance, students can’t select the right courses or subjects that match their interests or knowledge.

Educational apps for kids that provide career guidance can make this process much easier. Allowing the students to get direct advice from experts about the present and future of various industries.

This type of eLearning app can also be used for tracking or monitoring performance and interests to form a personalised career path for each student.

IX.Educational App for Sports and PE

Physical education is a significant part of every student’s learning process, providing an effective way to combat anxiety, depression and obesity. Teachers or faculty can use an app for physical education to routinely plan and conduct PE lessons efficiently.

Succeedin is a company that makes physical education fun for children through a constructive eLearning platform. Our EdTech experts designed and developed the corporate and B2C website for Succeedin, along with a lesson planner for PE teachers.

Click here to view the case study.

X.Educational Games and Quizzes App

X.Educational Games and Quizzes App

Educational apps for kids with games and quizzes are another way to captivate the students’ attention. The quizzes or games can be based on a variety of subjects like mathematics, general knowledge, grammar, etc. and other factors like age, interests and difficulty level.

Gamification and game-based learning features like difficulty levels, point systems, leader boards, and achievement badges as rewards can make the learning process much more engaging for the students.

XI.Language eLearning App

Learning a new language is always beneficial, and an educational app makes it easier than ever before.

Language eLearning apps can eliminate the need to search/enrol for language courses or attend hour-long classes daily. Users can join a paid or free course through the app and spend just 30 minutes daily to master a new language eventually.

One of the best examples of a language eLearning app is Duolingo.

XII.Vocabulary and Writing App

Vocabulary and writing skills are universally important for many qualification exams and interviews.

An educational app for vocabulary can provide a fun and interactive way for students to learn new words and how to use them. They can even form a personal word bank as their dictionary that students can refer to in the future.

eLearning apps can also be used to train and help students to improve the quality of their writing for assignments, thesis, projects, and more.

Preschool students need a lot of guidance when it comes to letter formation, handwriting, pronunciation, and more. Think Write is an EdTech platform and mobile application that helps improve children’s reading and writing abilities from a very early age.

Leveraging our state-of-the-art eLearning technologies, we designed and developed Think Write’s web application, adding captivating elements like animal characters, puzzles, memory games, and matching games to provide an appealing and fascinating learning experience.

Click here to view the case study.

XIII.Preschool eLearning App

Kids learning apps can lay a strong foundation for the children’s learning process even before they enter school.

Educational apps for kids like the ABCmouse app helps kids ranging from 2-5 years of age to learn numbers, colours, animals, alphabets, flowers, and more.

ABCmouse app is a great example as one of the best educational apps for kids providing more than 7000 interactive and fun learning activities that include reading, art, maths, music, etc.

XIV.Student/Teacher Community App

XIV.Student/Teacher Community App

This is an educational app for collaboration, connection and discussion. Students can get help from students of other schools and universities regarding course materials, learning methods, or specific issues comfortably, as it’s easy to talk to other people of the same age group.

Teachers can also use this type of educational app for event collaborations with other schools or discussing new and improved teaching methods.

XV.Storytelling eLearning App

The best way to teach moral values to children is through stories. Kids learning apps can give you access to an online library of stories in every format: Text, Audio, and Video.

Parents can use it to read stories to their kids before going to bed or let them watch attractive animated videos of stories that include lessons about morals and values.

Modern learning methods with educational apps and eLearning courses have become a global trend in the education industry. Students can independently join various online courses and training programs with a plethora of eLearning apps and platforms.

These are the top 15 most effective and best mobile app ideas for education that EdTech companies, start-ups, universities and schools can adopt or develop to improve and update their traditional learning methods.

If you have interesting mobile app ideas for education and curious about how to make an educational app, feel free to contact us.

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